An explanation and a change of scene.

It’s been quiet over here for a couple of years(!) now, and I’d like to apologise for abandoning this space so abruptly.

To cut a long story very short, life after graduating from LCB took a few unexpected turns and in recent months, I’ve taken a conscious step back from pastry and from chef life in general, although I haven’t entirely abandoned the food industry quite yet.

For a while during my commis days, I simply wasn’t able to find the time to keep blogging. Then, as things changed, I found that I just had less to say on my old subject and as a result, I stopped writing as The Aspiring Pâtissière at the end of 2013.  It was a good run though, and this little blog will always serve as a record of one hugely significant chapter of my life, the starting point for everything that has happened since.


These days, I write over on A life imperfect.  It’s a place for me to explore my words and my writing practice and where I try to make sense of this sometimes chaotic and often wonderful life.  Please come and join me there if you’re interested!


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