Just dessert…

Since my blog anniversary post, I’ve had an incredible stroke of luck.  As I’ve mentioned before, the last couple of months have been spent flat-hunting, with absolutely no success. However, in the last two weeks, I’ve finally managed to find somewhere to live!  (Actually, it’s not so much that I found it than that it was offered to me.)  All the stress and frustration of the last few weeks has suddenly been lifted from my shoulders.  I can’t begin to describe what a relief it is.

However, life isn’t all plain sailing and that has been proved in the last week, following a health scare in the family.  Fortunately, everything is now under control and going as well as can be hoped for, but it just goes to show how fickle life can be sometimes…

Anyway, that’s enough of the doom and gloom.  Let’s talk about something a little sweeter…(!)

It’s been a fair while since I last produced a dessert.  Cakes, yes.  Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, afternoon tea, yes.  Dessert, no.  Which is strange, because I love desserts almost as much as I love baking.  I just don’t seem to make a lot of them.  (Perhaps it’s because there’s not much call for fancy dessert in my house.  It’s really reserved for special occasions only, Christmas, New Year, the rare dinner party that we host.)

But it’s time to remedy this, I would say.

Strawberry meringue towers – 13/09/2012

These are my strawberry meringue towers, made for a dinner that my parents hosted recently for some friends visiting the UK.  Essentially a cross between Eton Mess and pavlova, I tried to take the classic strawberries and cream combination and transform it into an elegant plated dessert.  (Going by the reception these received, it worked…)

Crisp, chewy meringue.  Soft, vanilla-scented whipped cream.  Ripe, juicy strawberries. You can’t go wrong.  Maybe that’s why strawberries and cream are one of my all-time favourite combinations.

Though it’s sadly no longer the season for it, this is a perfect, light summer dessert.  One to save for the future, perhaps?

(Basic meringue recipe can be found here.  You can also use shop-bought meringues. Simply layer meringues with whipped cream and sliced berries or any other fruit of your choice.)


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