The continuing evolution of chocolate cake.

As I might have mentioned once or twice (or a hundred times) before, I’m fussy when it comes to chocolate cake – it has to be just right, otherwise it’s just not worth it.  That’s why I’m still searching for my perfect chocolate cake recipe, a project that has been going on for quite literally years.  (I think the obsession began when I was about fifteen or sixteen, after I got bored of people passing off cocoa-flavoured sponge as chocolate cake.  Let’s be realistic about this – that is NOT how chocolate cake should be, people!)

However, when my chocolate craving strikes (as it did recently), I have finally found a decent go-to recipe that comes very close to my idea of a perfect chocolate cake…

Chocolate cake – 02/02/2012

This cake is rich and dense, substantial without being heavy.  It has an intense chocolate flavour without being too sweet and the smooth ganache just brings it all together perfectly. I sandwiched the cake with cherry jam, a combination which is reminscent of Black Forest gateau and which worked beautifully.  The only problem I encountered (which seems to happen every time I make this cake, although having only done so whilst at university, I am not sure if it is the recipe or the old, temperamental oven) was in cutting the cake into layers.  While the inside of the cake remained soft and moist after baking, the outside had become crisp and biscuit-like, making it extremely difficult to slice, as it was very delicate and prone to falling apart.  However, having baked the mixture in two separate tins, it wasn’t a total disaster, as I was simply able to sandwich those two cakes together.  (Plus, no-one could tell anyway, after it had been coated in ganache!)

While to me, it still isn’t my perfect chocolate cake, I have to admit that it is pretty darn good.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask my housemates – the rate at which this cake disappeared surely speaks for its excellent and delicious qualities!

(Recipe taken from the BBC Good Food website)


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