As the holidays draw ever nearer, party season is in full swing.  Last week alone, we had our house dinner and Christmas ball (in truth, just a civilised gathering with a formal dress code and festive music), two of my coursemates had their Christmas house parties and an old friend from first-year halls threw a surprise birthday party for one of our mutual friends. It’s as though the anticipation of the holiday has driven all thoughts of work and deadlines from people’s heads, to be replaced with festive cheer and fun which is not a bad thing at all, especially after this term, which I’m sure has been much more stressful than in previous years(!)  In-keeping with the theme of festivities and social events, this week features the LeRoc Christmas lesson and our department’s annual Christmas party on Thursday. (Featuring the madrigal ensemble, Christmas carols, mulled wine, mince pies and the infamous Music Christmas party punch, it’s sure to be a winner.)  Now, I’m not usually one for Christmas, but I love the end-of-term celebrations.  It’s just scary to think that this will be my last university Christmas!

However, that’s not the main point of this post – no, as previously mentioned, we hosted our house Christmas ball last week, and it was a lovely, sophisticated little affair with vast quantities of cake and spiced berry cordial.  (Our house is widely known to host events which are totally opposite to the stereotypical student parties; instead of drunken antics and thudding music, we just have a lot of food and quiet conversation.  I think we’re all becoming prematurely middle-aged…)  Over the last two years, our parties have become synonymous with cake; with three serious bakers in the house, it’s understandable how that came about, as parties mean one thing to us – an excuse to break out the baking. And in spite of our best efforts not to, we always always always produce too much food and end up eating leftovers for days afterwards…but when leftovers consist of chocolate brownies, mince pies, berry and chocolate cupcakes and chocolate and banana Rice Krispies slices, it’s no bad thing!

Chocolate and Banana Rice Krispies Cakes – 11/12/2011

With crunchy Rice Krispies, chewy marshmallows, sliced bananas and melted chocolate, these Rice Krispies cakes were a glorious combination of good things and an interesting twist on the old childhood classic.  You could also replace the bananas with peanut butter, for a different variation – the saltiness would compliment the chocolate beautifully (and as you know, I am a big fan of the salty/sweet combination, so there’s an idea to keep for the future).  This is a quick and easy recipe to throw together and a surefire crowd-pleaser – perfect for big social occasions when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen!

(Recipe by Edd Kimber, taken from The Boy Who Bakes.)


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