Welcome to the aspiring baker.  Here, you can follow the dreams and adventures of a would-be baker as I embark on my final year of student life and emerge into the real world.

It took me a very long time (and caused me – and probably my parents – more than a few headaches and sleepless nights) to decide what I wanted to do after university. At the age of sixteen, just as I began my A-Levels, I thought I wanted to become a music journalist.  It sounded like fun, being paid to write about something I loved and knew about.  I enjoyed writing and had been involved with music from a very young age, so it seemed like the natural choice for a potential future career.  I carried this ambition with me for several years, right up to the end of my second year of university, when I suddenly had a change of heart.  This was not uncommon in itself – I am naturally a very indecisive person, whether it concerns ordering a coffee or choosing the colour of a new jumper.  (As a child, I’d wanted to be an air hostess, a gymnast and a photographer, changing my mind every other week.)  However, music journalism was the dream that had stuck with me for the longest, and realising that it wasn’t what I wanted to do after all was more than a little scary.  After all, I’ve reached the age where all my friends are deciding on career paths, applying for graduate schemes and PGCE courses and the like.  The fact that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do terrified me.

And then, quite literally out of the blue, it hit me.  I’ve been casually interested in baking for a long time, probably since I took Food Technology in high school, and I’ve been a home-baker for many years now.  I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but my previously casual interest grew into a full-on obsession and I found myself thinking, “What if I could do this for a living?”  It’s always been something that I’ve considered myself good at and I love it with all my heart, so what better to try and forge a career in?  As I see it, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain in pursuing my passion for baking.  I’ve always wanted to do something that I enjoy for a living and this seems like the perfect fit.

I can’t explain it, but it just feels right.  Perhaps it’s because baking is my real passion, even more so than music (though I never thought I could love something more than that). Perhaps it’s because I have finally found my ambition, after so many wishful but failed attempts.  At any rate, I feel like this is the beginning of something new, a new journey towards my dream and I wanted to chart every step. So with that in mind, the aspiring baker was born and she’s here to stay…


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